VCNR Logistics Park provides facility for large scale storage needs with cold-rooms and centralized air ventilation controlling systems, provision for solar powered energy sources and rain water harvesting.This division is initiated with a goal of providing world class storage solutions in Bangalore north region.


VCNR has experience in developing large Warehouses, logistics hubs, coldstorages, Solar Parks etc. Our preemptive involvement during the preconstruction phase institutes a hands-on perspective and allows us to use our experience to inform the owner and professionals of the best means and methods to bring the project in on time and on budget. Our fundamental preconstruction services offer direct benefits to our clients, based on our seasoned experience with all types of construction projects.

Business Goals & Objectives

Being located the base area which is known as gateway to North Karnataka and North India, our goal is to build a strong network of facility to cater the storage needs. We are aiming towards to make our logistic park as the major transit and pickup point between north and south Indian cities with high end facilities. With the in-house IT products from our Technologies division, we are planning to offer the end to end and complete solutions in this venture.


High volume storage infrastructure equipped with amenities like

Communication Network

Cold Storage

Fire Hydrant Systems

Vaccum Dewatered Flooring

Concrete/Bitumen Road

Underground Sump

Lightning Arrestors

Hardscaping and long lasting architecture available in single area.

Our Clients