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Measurement (Construction)

A tailor made solution for any construction industry to track the work progress and material utilization by mapping it towards proposed plan or drawing, capturing the site material consumption measurement in real time, improving work efficiency and accuracy resulting in improved billing cycle and payment collections.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management Systems are typically software solutions whoes primary purpose is to co-ordinate, administer the storage and modem products and materials within a co warehouse and related processes.


A holistic approach towards streamlining production processes for both “Fully Finished” & “Semi-Finished” industry thereby resulting in effective and efficient delivery mechanism along with cost monitoring and drive towards profit.


An IoT enabled platform to monitor and track vehicles in real time coupled with Trip Management and Maintenance Management to provide an insight to the organisation regarding any vehicles’ collection and expenses.

Salesmen on-field

A comprehensive application that allows organisation to track employees on-field, capture their attendance, monitor their allocated task status and validate their expense claims.


A scalable platform that manages patient appointment, consultation, pharmacy and billing. An intelligent schedular will keep patients informed their best time to visit for consultation thereby ensuring effective time utilization and avoiding crowd at hospital.

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